Ryan M Walker
Momento and Area Artists 2013
Hello! I currently have pieces in a couple exhibitions here in Maine:

Momento at Common Street Arts in Waterville, ME


Area Artists 2013 at the Atrium Art Gallery at USM Lewiston-Auburn Campus.

If you find yourself in central Maine this February, please check out these shows! They both feature fantastic artists with whom I'm privileged to have my work shown!
The pieces I have in these shows are a bit different for me. They involve portraiture and the figure which are things I've steered clear of in the past. However, recently I've become more interested. I work with many artists at Spindleworks who have the uncanny ability to depict the body in such amazing ways; I've been inspired to try my hand. I've also been reading some HP Lovecraft stories and Gary Panter comics and I feel my pieces reflect inspiration I've derived from these sources as both of these guys have unique ways of involving and utilizing human bodies in their works. I struggle with story telling and narrative but I like the idea of creating characters who could suggest a broader fantastical narrative or context. I'll post pics of these latest pieces soon. Stay tuned!